dsc_5382I’m Rox, a member of the Global Politics of Artificial Intelligence research group at Yale University. (CV, as of November 2017.) I studied economics, mathematics, and finance, but have always had my heart in helping others. My passion for analytical thought and charity seemed irreconcilable until I stumbled across effective altruism a few years ago, a concept that emphasizes the importance of accountable, results-driven charitable work. My work focuses on reducing large risks current and emerging technologies pose to humanity. Informally I’m interested in lots of things, including welfare economics, rationality, and open science.

My blog is divided into three parts:
1. General, for the reader unfamiliar with, but interested in, effective altruism;
2. EA-Specific, for the effective altruist with interest in my thoughts on EA movement/community dynamics; and
3. Essays, for the reader interested in formal pieces published or submitted elsewhere.

If you have thoughts on something I’ve posted, feel free to comment on things I’ve written, or email me at roxanne.heston at gmail.com.

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