AI Policy flashcards

This field has lots of jargon. Jargon from political science, the US Government, machine learning, you name it. Accordingly I've started a flashcard deck to keep track of terms I think are important to know as someone operating in the space. It contains a jumble of things from government agencies to machine learning techniques, so … Continue reading AI Policy flashcards


Long-term AI safety feeds

List of blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and vlogs on long-term AI safety. They include brief format and frequency descriptions and are sorted in alphabetical order within each category. This resource is incomplete, so I suggested additions welcome.

Projections about Artificial Intelligence and Employment

Technology has a fortunate history of improving welfare. Despite the fears of generations past, new waves of technology have historically displaced some workers but on average maintained or even grown the employment rate, complementing rather than replacing human labor. There is, however, an active debate about whether we should expect this trend to continue, as … Continue reading Projections about Artificial Intelligence and Employment